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On Saturday, 23 June, a group of walkers from St Mary's, led by our Chief Sherpa (Andrina), including Jess, set out to walk the 10 miles of the Chess Valley Way from Chesham Station to Rickmansworth on a sponsored walk in aid of St Mary's Fabric Fund. Here are the magnificent seven (with one more behind the camera) as we prepared to leave Chesham Station.



We were fortunate to have perfect walking weather at the beginning of the walk, slightly cloudy and not too warm with a pleasant breeze. After the first few hundred yards through the side streets of Chesham, Jess led us off at a good pace through the fields as long as she had her ball with her. Unfortunately something happened to it after a couple of miles when we got to the river. Susanne's not saying ...


  Rest Stop No. 1

Elsie was our Travelling Captain/Guardian Angel along the route, meeting us at regular intervals with food and water, first aid kit and lots of encouragement.



Andrina demonstrates how to negotiate a stile with style ... Kathy looks doubtful! Or maybe it's because she'd just been hit over the head with a large stick. How did that happen? Susanne's not saying ...



At about the half way point, Latimer House overlooks the river. Rebuilt in mock Gothic style in 1836 after a fire, it is said to have been used by various military operations groups during WW2. (Perhaps we should have left Susanne there?) It is is now a conference centre and popular wedding venue.



Lunchtime rest stop, and it's still not raining! Elsie joined us bringing a piece of vital equipment - the corkscrew ...



Cattle grazing peacefully in the fields near Sarratt. They are mostly standing up - does that mean it's going to rain, or that it is raining? Maybe they knew more than we did ....



Last stop before Rickmansworth and the torrential rain, thunder and lightning of the last half hour.



Here are the soggy seven at Rickmansworth station, after more than 5 hours, tired and very wet but with a great sense of accomplishment - and not a blister between us!


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